Capture Flowers in Tokyo All Year Round

Cherry blossom certainly is the most popular flower in Japan, both among tourists and local Japanese. It is just breath taking when cherry blossoms are in full bloom and the pink petals dance and flutters in the air.

Because of its popularity, cherry blossom season is considered peak season and flights and hotels tend to be more expensive.

Don’t want to spend too much money on the flight but still want to enjoy the beautiful seasonal flowers in Japan? No worries! Japan offers beautiful flowers through the year.

Here is the flower calendar in and around Tokyo to give you an idea of what flowers you can enjoy each season!



Plum Tree: Mid February – Early March

Recommended Spots: Yoshino Baigo, Shinjuku Gyoen Park, Ikegami Baien Park, Koishikawa Park

Plum Garden


Photo by mrhayata



Photo by ajari




Canola Flower: March – April

Recommended Spots: Hamarikyu Park, Showa Memorial Park

Spring Dream

Photo by Takashi .M


Cherry Blossom: Mid March – Early April

Recommended Spots: Meguro River, Edogawa Park, Yoyogi park, Shinjuku Gyoen Park

Sakura Blooming

Photo by mrhayata



Azalea: Early April – Early May

Recommended Spots: Nezu shrine, Rikugien park, Kiyosumi park

Azalea Festival @ Shiofune Kannon-ji temple @ Ome

Photo by Guilhem Vellut


Tulip: April – May

Recommended Spots: Showa Memorial Park

Tulip Park

Photo by Saku Takakusaki


Poppy: Early April – Late May

Recommended Spots: Showa Memorial Park

Shirley poppy_16

Photo by ajari


Nemophila: Mid April – Early May

Recommended Spots: Hitachinaka Seaside Park


Photo by t.kunikuni



Shibazakura: Mid April – Early May

Recommended Sports: Mt. Fuji

Phlox subulata_06

Photo by ajari



Hydrangea: Mid June – Late June

Recommended SpotsKamakura, Hakusan Shrine


Photo by shin kawamura




Lavender: Mid June – Mid July

Recommended Spots: Lake Kawaguchiko

kawaguchiko, oshino hakkai

Photo by shuzo serikawa




Sunflower: Throughout August

Recommended Spots: Showa Memorial Park


Photo by Zengame




Cosmos: September – October

Recommended Spots: Hamarikyu Park, Showa Memorial Park, Kasai Rinkai Park

Color Palette

Photo by Takashi .M


Kokia/Fireballs: Mid October

Recommended Spots: Hitachinaka Seaside Park

Red line

Photo by t.kunikuni




Autumn Foliage

Recommended Spots: Yoyogi park, Hibiya Park, Meijijingu 

Autumn Leaves


Photo by Yoshikazu TAKADA