nemophila flowers in Hitachi seaside park

Nemophila Garden at Hitachi Seaside Park in May

Comes end of April, 4.5 million nemophila flowers fill the Hitachi Seaside Park Miharashi area and it is just beautiful. It’s going to be blue everywhere you look and as it blends into blue sky, you can’t resist taking photos of it.


After Shower

Photo by Takashi .M


ネモフィラの丘 / Nemophila

Photo by Kentaro Ohno


The best time to see is end of April to mid May and all through April and May, it will be open everyday.  From April 29th to May 8th, park will open at 7:30. During this time, it is recommended to go as early as possible to avoid crowds.


How to Get There

By public transport:

Alright at Katstuta station (85 minutes from Shinagawa station by express train) and take either bus or taxi. There is a bus to the park every 5 to 10 minutes.

By car: 

If you are coming from Tokyo, take Joban express way, then to Kita Kanto express way, and get off at Hitachi Seaside Park Interchange and you’re only 1km away.



There’s 3 parking lots, South (2000 spots), West (2000 spots), and Seaside exit parking (350 spots). Seaside exit parking is the closest to Miharashi area but since there is only 350 spots, it will be difficult to find a parking spot during nemophila season. Recommended parking spot is west parking lot as it is closest to the exit of the express way.

Although they have 4350 spots, during the nemophila season, it can fill up very quickly. It is advised to go early.

* Tips – If you keep the receipt, you can move your car to another parking lot so you can park wherever it’s available and then move it in the afternoon to a closer parking lot.

One day parking is 510 yen for regular sized vehicles, 260 yen for motorcycles, and 1550 yen for oversized vehicles.

Because there’s lots of traffic around nemophila season, you might save the hustle and bustle if you get on a tour. That way, there’s no driving and no worries about parking spots. There will be many bus tours leaving Tokyo for you to choose from.



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