Cherry Blossom Forecast Update in Tokyo 2017

It is that time of the year again! Now that we are in March, goodbye to winter and now Spring is here. It is the season when everyone in Japan becomes anxious awaiting to enjoy the beautiful cherry blossom all around Japan.

It is very difficult to predict the timing of cherry blossom as it largely depends on the proximal weather and temperature. That said, forecast will give you a rough idea and you will be able to schedule your plan accordingly.

Take a look at the most recent forecast and get together with your friends and family under a beautiful pink cherry blossom!

Tetsugakudou Park_07

Photo by ajari


Cherry blossoms Forecast for 2017

Tokyo: Flowering: 3/23 & Full Bloom: 3/31

Kyoto: Flowering: 3/28 & Full Bloom: 4/5

Sapporo: Flowering: 5/1 & Full Bloom: 5/5


Within Tokyo

Chidorigafuchi Park & Sumida Park

Flowering: 3/24 & Full Bloom: 3/31

Cherry at Chidorigafuchi with Tokyo tower.

Photo by Kennosuke Yamaguchi


Sakura at Sumida Park

Photo by Yoshikazu TAKADA


Shinjuku Gyoen

Flowering: 3/23 & Full Bloom: 4/1

Spring in Shinjuku Gyoen

Photo by Tatters ❀



Photo by 8ware


Ueno Park

Flowering: 3/23 & Full Bloom: 3/31


Sakura trees along Shinobazu Pond in Ueno Park Tokyo

Photo by Seb


Yoyogi Park 

Flowering: 3/22 & Full Bloom: 4/1

Yoyogi park hanami

Photo by Karl Baron



Flowering: 3/22 & Full Bloom: 4/1


Photo by Taichiro Ueki


Inogashira Park

Flowering: 3/24 & Full Bloom: 4/2

Hanami at Inokashira Park 2013

Photo by Dick Thomas Johnson


Meguro River

Flowering: 3/20 & Full Bloom: 3/29


Photo by mrhayata


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