SPRING Welcomes Beautiful Cherry Blossoms…

The most familiar flower for Japanese is sakura (cherry blossoms). Every spring, people admire cherry blossoms and have a picnic party under the blooming trees.

Starting from late March through early May, cherry blossoms across Japan will be in peak bloom in one region after another.

Come and enjoy the beautiful pink cherry blossoms!

Season: March – May

SUMMER is Here! Enjoy Breeze in Hokkaido

Summer in Japan can be humid, but it’s time for all the festivals, hiking, and fireworks.

Get dressed in Yukata and experience the excitement of the festival “matsuri”. Or head north to enjoy the cool climate of Hokkaido. It will be a perfect weather to see the amazing lavender and sunflower flower garden.

Season: June- August

Surrounded in Red and Yellow Leaves in AUTUMN

Autumn is one of the most beautiful times in Japan. Leaves of the maple trees and ginkgo trees turn red, yellow, and orange offering breath taking scenery. With no more humidity, put your jacket on and explore cities in cool climate, stepping on crisp red carpet of leaves.

Season: September – November

Head North to Experience WINTER Wonderland

Bundle up with your loved ones and it’s time to feel cozy. Japan offers variety of winter experience depending on where you visit. You can enjoy quiet white snowfall in Northern parts of Japan. It’s cold but don’t worry, enjoy Japanese hot spring “onsen” and you’ll be warm in not time.

Season: December – February