Why KoKoRoGraphy

Looking to have pre-wedding photo or vacation photo in Japan?

You have come to the right place!

KoKoRoGraphy offers a platform where you can connect with professional photographers in Japan.

Shooting plan is tailor made to meet each and every one of the customers.

Experience the one and only photoshoot for your pre-wedding and vacation photo.

Photographers all over Japan

We have handpicked talented photographers to work with us.

Choose and book your favorite photographer anywhere in Japan for your unforgettable photoshoot to capture the happy moment of engagement and vacation.

CHiKA, KoKoRoGraphy photographer
Koki Saito, KoKoRoGraphy photographer
Shinji Morita, KoKoRoGraphy photographer
Ayako Onuki, KoKoRoGraphy photographer
Kensuke Sato, KoKoRoGraphy photographer
Masayuki Miyamoto, KoKoRoGraphy photographer

There are two types of photographers in Japan. One works for a company working in a studio, the other is freelance photographer working individually. We have purposefully picked photographers that are independent because we believe that they are enthusiastic about photography and spare no effort to improve their shooting skills.

It can be difficult to find talented freelance photographer as they are working individually. So by KoKoRoGraphy offering a platform, we have made it easy for you!

Wide Range of Photoshoot

KoKoRoGraphy offers various packages to meet different needs of our customers. Book the perfect photoshoot to capture the romantic moment of engagement, unforgettable proposal, or simply to document the memory of your vacation in Japan.

KoKoRoGraphy Experience


It is frustrating when you can’t communicate well because of language issue. Problem solved by arranging translator for smooth communication.


Kokorography carries variety of photographers that have different strengths and styles, so no need to search photographers individually. Browse our photographers' profiles and their portfolio. KoKoRoGraphy will help you find your favorite photographer!


KoKoRoGraphy is here for your 7 days a week! Got a question? We’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Want to be creative in your photo shoot? We’re flexible. We'll listen to your wishes big or small.


We maintain the quality of photographers by hand picking only the talented photographers. We are confident that you'll be wowed with our photos.

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