Vacation Photo

For your trip to Japan,

Capture unforgettable holiday memory with vacation photo!

Let’s Get A Photo With EVERYONE In It

Going on a trip is exciting. Every moment has its own story and photos are a great way to document it. However, we’ve all had bitter experiences looking at the photos taken during the trip. There’s always someone missing because they are the ones holding a camera and bystanders are not the best photographer . So let’s hire a local photographer to capture the fun memory of your vacation! 


∗ Vacation photo does not include transportation nor makeup/hairstyle.

Ideas for Vacation Photos


1 location
15 photos
1 – 2 locations
30 photos
2 locations
60 photos
2-3 locations
120 photos

* Traveling time between various locations is also included in the photoshoot time.

* Vacation photo packages don’t include rental dress/kimono nor hair & make up.

* Edited high resolution photos will be available for you to download within 5 business days.

*Please be prepared to pay miscellaneous cost incurred during shoot such as train, taxi, entrance fee, etc.

* Please read our Terms and Conditions before booking.

How It Works


Select your destination and find your favorite photographer

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We will let you know the availability of the photographer.

KoKoRoGraphy concierge is available for any inquiries regarding the photoshoot.

  • Contact us with some details of your preferred vacation photo shoot.
  • If you want an actual photo album, let us know in advance as well.
  • We will get back to you with availability of the photographer and recommended routes/plans.
  • Your booking will be secured after advance payment.
  • We will create a group chat prior to your photoshoot for smooth communication.
  • Meet with your photographer near the photo location or at your hotel.
  • Have a fun time, just like you are hanging out with your local friend!
  • You’ll receive your beautiful photos via online gallery within 5 business days.
  • Look through and relive the precious moment!
  • The actual photo album will be delivered to you upon request.

Every trip is worth capturing