A girl wearing kimono with umbrella with cherry blossom in the back ground

Best Obi Belt For Your Kimono

Taking photograph in kimono is becoming more and more popular among people traveling to Japan. It is a great way to experience Japanese culture and you’ll for sure look beautiful in authentic kimono.

Once you picked your favorite kimono, you then need to choose Obi. This can also be difficult as there are many selections for obi as well. Here are few ways to match obi to your kimono so keeps those variations in mind when you are at the rental shop.


 Choose the same type of color as your kimono

  • Basic of basic theory
  • Having the same color tone will make you look sharp for sure.
  • For faint colored kimono, by choosing darker but same tone, it adds accent to overall look.
  • On the other hand, for dark colored kimono, try faint color and you’ll give calm impression.
  • To change the darkness of obi within same color tone is a key to look classy.

yukata girl

Photo by kenichi nobusue

Select opposite color of kimono for obi

  • Opposite colors give a good contrast and you’ll look stylish
  • For example;
    • Blue kimono with yellow obi
    • Pink or red kimono with light blue or green
    • Warm colored kimono and cool colored kimono


Photo by Koji Ishii



Photo by Koji Ishii


Matching the color of pattern and obi 

  • For example;
    • Red flower pattern kimono with red obi
    • Try to choose Color of pattern that is the smallest.
    • With large patterned kimono, be careful not to choose the color of biggest pattern as it will give a loud impression.
  • For no pattern kimono, choose patterned obi
    • Great accent to your simple kimono.


Photo by Rosewoman


Now that you picked your kimono and obi, are you interested in taking photo wearing kimono?

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