How to Choose the Best Kimono for You

When you are traveling to a different country, it’s always nice to do something cultural. For those visiting Japan, it will be a unique experience to try on a casual kimono and stroll around authentic locations in Japan.

If you go to a rental kimono shop, there will be plenty kimonos to choose from. One might catch your eye instantly and that’s great! You should wear your favorite one and enjoy a nice walk.

But for some, huge collections of kimonos might be overwhelming and you might need some time to pick the best one for you.

If that’s the case, you may be able to find the right one based on your body shape.

If you are small;

  • Choose small to medium patterns
  • Stay away from large patterns as you will look smaller relative to the large pattern
  • Faint color such as white and yellowish color will help you look taller
A woman dressed in blue kimono in Gion, Kyoto

If you are tall;

  • Choose large patterns
  • Around 10 patterns should be visible when looking from front.
A woman holding a Japanese umbrella wearing a modern patterned kimono
If you are slim and petit;
  • Choose colorful and flowery pattern
  • Kimono with pattern all over is recommended
A woman posing at the bridge in Kyoto wearing a red kimono
If you are curvy;
  • Choose a design that emphasize longitudinal line.
  • Navy, black, and purple with slimming effect
A woman posing with black and gold patterned kimono in Kyoto

Keep those tips in mind but in the end, your instinct will tell you which one to choose!

Enjoy strolling around Japan with Kimono!