Opened in 1924, Kyoto Botanical Garden is the very first public park made in Japan. In 24ha area, there are about 120,000 plants planted, with over 11,000 different kinds. Kyoto botanical garden welcomes you any time of the year with variety of flowers blooming throughout the year.

Popular Locations in North Kyoto

Kyoto Botanical Garden
Kamigamo Shrine
Enryakuji Temple
Enkoji Temple
A lady in a beautiful green dress in Autumn in Kyoto botanical garden
Kyoto botanical garden with cherry blossom petals creating pink carpet in the park
A couple posing in Kyoto botanical garden for their pre-wedding photo
Tulip garden in Kyoto botanical garden during cherry blossom season
Basho flowers blooming in Kyoto botanical garden
Cosmos flowers in Kyoto botanical garden
Botanic garden in Kyoto in Autumn
A couple dressed up for their pre-wedding photo with Kamogamo river in the background
Enryakuji temple during summer time
Garden inside Enkoji temple during Autumn
Kamigamo shrine
Enryakuji temple during Autumn
Enkoji garden during Autumn
Beautiful scenery during autumn in Enkoji, Kyoto