Colorful flower bed to white snow mountains, Hokkaido offers diverse scenery

Pick as your pre-wedding photoshoot in Summer!

Located in northern part of Japan, Hokkaido has abundant nature across the island. Depending on which season you visit, you will be entertained with magnificent sunflower and lavender flower garden in cool climate or white winter wonderland where you can enjoy winter sports. Because Hokkaido is surrounded by sea, you can appreciate the high quality and fresh seafood such as sea urchin, salmon, scallop, and crab. Afterwards, unwind and freshen up in one of many hot springs across Hokkaido.

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Best place to enjoy your summer vacation 

with grande view of the fresh green and blue sky.

It is such a photogenic location, that you can resist taking a photograph. 

With lavenders, sunflowers, and many more flowers blooming, it is one of the must-go places during summer.

Drive around Furano in a cool climate, and you’ll be amazed by colorful view made up of flowers. 

Purple lavender garden in Furano, Hokkaido
Flower garden in Furano, Hokkaido
Lavender garden in Furano, Hokkaido with mountains of Hokkaido in the background
A beautiful flower bed in Furano, Hokkaido
Brothers sitting on a hay block for vacation photo
Lavender garden with blue sky in Furano, Hokkaido
Family vacation photo of a family having good time in lavender garden
A couple walking hand in hand walking through the lavender garden in Hokkaido for vacation photo
A beautiful yellow canola flower bed in blue sky in Biei, Hokkaido
Blue pond in Biei, Hokkaido in Autumn
Colorful flower garden in Biei, Hokkaido
Countryside view of Biei, Hokkaido
A tree with sunlight beaming in Biei, Hokkaido
The lovely morning of Biei with foggy atmosphere

Winter in Hokkaido

Immerse yourself in white Winterland

A couple kissing in snow in winter
Trees covered in snow in winter in Sapporo,Hokkaido
A boy and a girl posing in front of the bridge in snow looking warm
Town of Otaru, Hokkaido in snow in winter
Small snow hut being lit up in Otaru in winter
Beautiful calm snow scenery in Hokkaido in winter
View of Sapporo city covered in snow in winter
View from Hakodateyama Mountain during winter
Otaru canal being lit up covered in snow in winter

Photographer in Hokkaido