Luxurious Experience with KoKoRoGraphy Concierge

Offering you personalized service


Exclusive personalized service to make your stay in Japan exceptional


Plan a project of any size, anywhere, anytime.

Venue Booking

Booking restaurant and renting a unique venue for photoshoot

Shooting Permission

Acquire shooting permissions for upcoming photoshoot.

Vendor Arrangement

Limousine, wedding gown rental, florists, accessary rental, etc.

Miscellaneous booking

Event ticket, equipment rental, etc

Organizing an extraordinary vacation with your family?

Preparing for your perfect proposal?

Looking for a romantic dinner at Michelin star restaurant for your anniversary?

We want to make sure you have one and only experience.  


A man holding a bouquet of flowers in hand

Planning to propose to your loved one in Japan?  Lots of preparation goes into proposal, such as picking the location or may be getting a flower bouquet ready.

We want to help make it the perfect moment for both of you.


A couple dressed in kimono for pre-wedding photo in bamboo grove

Something different for your wedding? How about a traditional Japanese wedding ceremony with a beautiful kimono? Japanese wedding industry can be quite complex and you may encounter some difficulties planning a wedding in Japan. Let us take care of all the complicated administrative work and help you have a beautiful wedding.


A countryside in Japan

Let’s make it an unforgettable vacation!

With the diverse local network, we offer extraordinary holiday experience.

Whether you want to absorb fresh air of the countryside in Japan or to spend a very authentic time in Kyoto,  we will make it happen for you.


Restaurant booking through KoKoRoGraphy concierge

Having difficulty making a reservation at one of the popular restaurants in Tokyo?

Or don’t know where to have a romantic dinner with you loved one?

We will  give you recommendations and book your preferred restaurants to satisfy your palates.


People having fun at the event

Your favorite band is playing in Japan?

Don’t miss out on such a great opportunity. KoKoRoGraphy concierge will help you get your tickets simple and easy.

Exclusive personalized service to

make your stay in Japan exceptional