Hi, I’m Tomomi, a photographer based in Kamakura and Tokyo.

To me, photo shoot is something that will take me away from the reality.

I love shooting in natural locations within cities and in forests/parks. Using old lenses, I take photos with nostalgic feel to it. I want to catch you relaxed and just the way you are so I hope you enjoy the photo shoot just like going on a date 🙂

Kamakura is a great mix of modern culture/trend and authentic feel of shrines/temples and Japanese architectures and that is why I love shooting there.

During the photoshoot, I want to maximize the beauty of natural light. There is also a world out there that can’t be seen by human eye but only be expressed through the lens of the camera. I want to select locations and create such photos to express the unique world.

My hope is that you not only shoot to have the photo taken but also to enjoy it as a whole experience.

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Three things about me:
Love nature, adore animals, super positive

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