Hi, I’m Rina!

When I take photos, I want to be able to grab people’s feelings while capturing charming moments.
Photography for me is one way of communication. Through photos, I wish to have fun and get to know people more.

I love to hear your story and imagine what you are like and think what kind of posing will be good for you.

Now, I am learning English so that I can communicate even better!

I also love to take photos of traditional kimono. There are historical architecture and European style building that will match the kimono, creating retro modern feel. Therefore, if you have never worn it before and may think it may not suit you, I encourage that you try them for experience!

Tokyo is a fun and intriguing city with old traditional feel as well  as modern new designed areas and that’s why I like to go to locations such as Shibuya and Asakusa. It is a cool place to experience Japanese culture!

Based in:
Tokyo, Japan

Stories told by Rina . . .

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