Alex Hashimoto, KoKoRoGraphy photographer

Hi, nice to meet you! My name is Alex.

I am from Brazil but I have lived in Japan for 20 years.

I decided to become a photographer when I was studying in Australia. One time, I had an opportunity to get photos taken by a photographer and I was just mesmerized by the quality of the photos. That is when I started getting into photography.

In 2007, I started studying photography by going to schools and lectures. Once I got into it, I was fully engaged in retouch and album production.

I love taking photos at the beach incorporating natural light, especially during beautiful sunrise and sunset!

Based in:
Tsu, Mie Prefecture (Also shoot in Kyoto, Nara and Nagoya)
 * Additional travel surcharge for shooting outside of Mie prefecture for vacation photos (Kyoto & Nara: JPY7,000)

Customer’s Testimonial

Alex’s Pre-Wedding Photography Package

Alex’s below packages only include few photos and not all.
After the photo shoot, he would like you to see all the photos he took and then decide whether you would like to purchase them.

Alex has chosen this model because he believes that he wants to be fair and square with his customers.

To purchase all the data, it will be additional JPY100,000 plus tax.
Should you decide to buy all the data before the photo shoot, it will be JPY80,000 plus tax.

Stories told by Alex. . .

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