Alex Goh

An International Wedding Photographer, Alex has shot in Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe. He has a strong inclination towards exploration and the human connection. Fuelled by a sense of adventure and the excitement of seeking new things, he immerses and adapts to the environment he finds himself in.

Here to guide you through the process, he loves getting to know people; what drives them and makes them special. Knowing your story allows him to incorporate your personalities into your celebration and make your images unique to you.

“Our days are long but the years are short. Memories are residual remains of our experiences and stories in life; the beautiful imagery is a time machine down that memory lane. Fleeting moments, documented, are a fond reminder of the emotions and feelings we had. Timeless, irreplaceable. 10 years down, the only thing we take away from the wedding is the images that document the beautiful happenings of the day. To create beautiful images, we are more interested in the connections we share, rather than the gear that we employ, or the number of images you would receive.”

Language Spoken: English & Mandarin

Year 2023 Schedule

Sakura Season
Late March – Mid April, 2020 in Tokyo or Kansai region (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara).

Summer Flower Season in Hokkaido
Mid July – Mid Early Aug, 2020 in Sapporo or Furano.

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