About Us

Hi there!

My name is Take, the founder of KoKoRoGraphy. My journey with KoKoRoGraphy started when I went on a trip around the world. 

I took an iPhone with me to take pictures along the way. Little did I know then how much difference it makes when photo is taken with a good camera.

As I reached Uyuni, Bolivia, one of the guys on the tour took a photo of me with a beautiful mountain in the background with a good camera (SLR).

That turned out to be by far my favorite photo of the whole trip. Then I thought to myself, what if I can have a local photographer meet up with me during my trip to capture the great moment of my adventure?

This in short is why I started this company.

Enjoy photo shoot with our wonderful photographers and have a great time in Japan!

Corporate Philosophy

KoKoRoGraphy’s Kokoro “心” in Japanese means open-heart, mind, spirit, feelings, emotions, sincerity.

Photograph may only reflect your appearance. However, when photographer’s kokoro and your kokoro make a sincere connection, photo can inspire, move, and touch one’s heart.  
We want to offer such heart-warming photo shoot, hence our company name KoKoRography.


Serve you sincerely

Integrity and Fairness

Be truthful and fair to everyone

Have Fun

Have fun, smile, be creative

Explore Japan with our local photographer

KoKoRoGraphy Story

This is how KoKoRoGraphy was born to introduce the hidden talents to the rest of the world.
More visitors to Japan, but..

In 2015, Japan has become one of the most popular destinations, welcoming 20 million visitors. The same trend goes for the pre-wedding photo shoot. However, in many cases, couples bring their own photographers from their home country and end up paying more premium.

60k Photographers in Japan

There are approximately 60,000 professional photographers in Japan. They offer variety of styles and taste in diverse categories such as landscape, fashion model, sport, food, wedding, or family portrait. Japanese photographers are talented and we want you to experience their quality.

Japan has problems as well

From visitor’s perspective, Japan may seem as a closed society due to language barrier. Complex structure of Japanese wedding industry may also stand in a way of booking a photo shoot session, requiring you to contract with a wedding planner with additional cost.

Win-Win Solution for everyone

We realized that there are people looking for a quality photographer and there are talented photographers looking for new opportunities. Our goal is to create a new platform to connect overseas clients to the quality professionals in Japan.

We solve problems. You go get awesome photos for a lifetime.