Rainy day may be the perfect photo day!

You found your favorite photographer, picked your outfit and you are all set for a fun photoshoot whether it is for pre-wedding or vacation photo! But wait… the weather forecast is not cooperating!? Do I need to reschedule my photo session?

Don’t worry! Sometimes the perfect shot might be when there are sprinkles from the sky just like the photos below.

Photo by Masayuki of a couple kissing surrounded by beautiful flower garden at a park in Hokkaido

Photo by Masayuki


The rain drops unexpectedly add mystical and romantic feel to the photograph that you may not be able to capture on a sunny day. Grab an clear umbrella from the convenient store and you are all set for the rainy photoshoot!

Pre-wedding photo in Odaiba with rain drops

Photo by Daniel


Everyone likes sunny day and we all hope that you get to shoot under a clear blue sky. But sometimes the effect of rain can surprise you for sure! I mean look at the photo below? Isn’t it just magical?

Photo by Ayako


So don’t let the rain bother you and have the photographer do his magic!


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