Updated Cherry Blossom in Kyoto

Check out the most updated cherry blossom blooming situation in Kyoto today, April 1st!

It is finally warming up here in Kyoto and slowly but surely cherry blossoms are starting to bloom. It will take few more days for full bloom but there are some places that you can currently enjoy some cherry blossoms.

If you are in Kyoto now, here are some of the locations you can stop by for beautiful pink scenery.


Kyoto Gyoen

140406-9_京都御苑 Kyoto Gyoen_9

Photo by Tetsuji Sakakibara



Gion, Shirakawa

Riverside Cherry Blossom

Photo by mrhayata



Daigoji Temple


Photo by kuromeri



Kyoto Botanical Garden

Sakura Cherry blossom 'Yoh Koh' , 桜 陽光

Photo by T.Kiya



In the next couple of days, there will be more and more locations with cherry blossoms! Keep up to date on the cherry blossom situation here in Kyoto.



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