Flower Festival at Showa Memorial Park

Spring is such a beautiful time in Japan with seasonal flowers blooming around Japan and Showa Memorial Park is no exception!

Starting from 1500 cherry blossom trees blooming, the flower festival at Showa Memorial Park begins. From now until mid April, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful pink scenery of cherry blossoms here.

The Bloom

Photo by Takashi .M



Photo by hikariki


From early to late April, 200,000 bright yellow canola flowers add color to the spring scenery.

It is a spectacular view with the collaboration of canola flowers and cherry blossoms!

Tokyo Showa Kinen Park

Photo by A.L.P.H.A


In mid April, tulips and muscari flowers will add more color to the scenery being red, purple, yellow, and white.


Photo by shuzo serikawa



Photo by shuzo serikawa


Muscari / Grape hyacinth / Muscari armeniacum / ムスカリ

Photo by TANAKA Juuyoh (田中十洋)


Chinese violet cress / Orychophragmus violaceus / 紫花菜(ムラサキハナナ)

Photo by TANAKA Juuyoh (田中十洋)


Comes May, Chalet poppies will start to bloom too!

It being orange, yellow, white, and red, it will be a perfect shooting location.

Shirley poppy_14

Photo by ajari


Shirley poppy_10

Photo by ajari


If you are visiting Japan during March through May, Showa Memorial Park is highly recommended!

Don’t miss out on the beautiful collaboration of colorful flowers this spring.


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