Updated Cherry Blossom Forecast in Kyoto 2017

As we are in the midst of March, we are approaching the beautiful spring season in Kyoto.

Towards the end of March, cherry blossoms will start to bloom and the city of Kyoto will be decorated in pink everywhere.

Check out our blog for the updated forecast of cherry blossom so that you are not missing out this Spring!


Kyoto Gyoen: Mid March – Mid April


140406-9_京都御苑 Kyoto Gyoen_16

Photo by Tetsuji Sakakibara



Kyoto Botanical Garden: Late March – Mid April


Beautiful grove of weeping cherry trees in Kyoto Botanical Gardens

Photo by Tatters ❀


Uji City Botanical Park: Mid March – Mid April


Photo by sarahfrederick1



Honmanji Temple: Late March – Early April



Photo by Kyoto-Picture



Nanzenji Temple: Early April



Photo by Matthew Hine



Haratanien: Early April – Late April



Photo by Kyoto-Picture


Gion Shirakawa: Late March – Early April


Cherry blossoms and Shirakawa river at Gion area in Kyoto, Japan; 桜と白川、祇園、京都

Photo by Nullumayulife


Kamigamo Shrine: Early April – Mid April


Kamigamo shrine 5

Photo by panina.anna


Arashiyama: Late March – Mid April


Sakura in Arashiyama, Kyoto 2015

Photo by James Gochenouer


Hirano Shrine: Late March – Mid April



Photo by kimubert


Ryoan-ji: Late March – Mid April



Ryoan-ji, Hojo Teien (Rock Garden) -1 (April 2016)

Photo by Tetsuhiro Terada



Philosopher’s Path: Early April


Sakura on Tetsugaku no Michi

Photo by David Wiley



Maruyama Park: Early April



Maruyama Park

Photo by Gavin Anderson



Ninna-ji: Early April – Mid April

Ninnaji - Omurozakura

Photo by Run Mizumushi-Kun

Heian Shrine: 


Sakura in Heian Shrine

Photo by Oyvind Solstad



Kiyomizu Temple: Early April


Cherry blossom in Kiyomizu

Photo by Tasuku SOMA



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