Capture Cherry Blossom in Tohoku

Coming to Japan mid April to Early May and worried that you may have missed all the beautiful cherry blossoms? No worries! Cherry blossoms bloom at different timing at different locations, therefore you can enjoy cherry blossoms still! This is because cherry blossom blooming really depends on the proximal weather and temperature.

From mid April until early May, Tohoku region will be the place to go.

Check out some of the recommended location for cherry blossom viewing!


Hanamiyama Mountain, Fukushima (Mid April – Late April)

One of the most famous location within Fushima is definitely Hayamiyama Mountain! It used to be privately owned, however with the owner willing to share the beautiful cherry blossoms, it opened up to public 1960s. How about being surrounded by cherry blossoms 360 degrees?

The Spring

Photo by k.isikawa_G3


Hanamiyama, Fukushima in full cherry blossom season

Photo by yisris




Hirosaki Park, Aomori (Mid April – Late April)

About 4 hours up North by train from Tokyo station, you will be mesmerized by the beautiful cherry blossoms that line up the moat around Hirosaki Castle.


Photo by Daisuke K



Photo by Daisuke K





Senshu Park, Akita (Late April – Early May)

Here at Senshu park, you can also enjoy the collaboration of cherry blossom and the castle. There are over 700 cherry blossoms within the park and the view at full bloom is just spectacular!

Senshu Park Sakura Festival, 28 April

Photo by Yasuhiro_S




Shiroyama Park, Aomori (Late April – Early May)

Another famous cherry blossom spot within Aomori. Rows of cherry blossoms leading up to Shiroyama castle is just beautiful. There are over 1600 cherry blossom trees and you can enjoy local strolls along the way.

Cherryblossom in Shiroyama Park

Photo by Yuichiro Haga


Cherryblossom in Shiroyama Park

Photo by Yuichiro Haga




Kakunodate, Akita (Late April – Early May)

The town of Kakunodate offers a similar atmosphere to Kyoto. It has old town feel to it and you can appreciate the traditional Japanese architectures.


Photo by Syuzo Tsushima



Photo by Syuzo Tsushima


How about something different and enjoying more of a relaxing cherry blossom viewing in Tohoku region?



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