Autumn in Kawaguchiko Lake

As November is just around the corner, leaves are coloring red and yellow in many places in Japan! Kawaguchiko is no exception being surrounded by beautiful nature and you can for sure enjoy the amazing autumn foliage. The addition of the view of Mt. Fuji even adds “Japanese” feel to it and one of the reason why it is so popular.

Lake Kawaguchiko

Photo by Alexandros Gabrielsen

Shojiko Lake (精進湖)

Shinjiko lake is the smallest lake out of Fuji 5 lakes.

With Mt. Fuji in the background, it is one of the best spot to enjoy the beautiful Mt. Fuji.

Mt. Fuji

Photo by skyseeker

精進湖からの富士山 - Mt.Fuji and Lake Shojiko

Photo by hoge asdf

How about staying until sunset to enjoy this magical scenery?

精進湖からの富士山 - Mt.Fuji and Lake Shojiko


Mapple Corridor (Momiji Kairo/紅葉回廊)

Located at the north shore of Kawaguchiko lake, it is one of the most beautiful autumn foliage you can capture in Kawaguchiko.

Maple trees line up along the creek and produce spectacualr view!

From November 1st to 23rd, autumn foliage festival will be taking next to the corridor.


Photo by shuzo serikawa


Photo by skyseeker

The light illumination after sunset is definitely worth staying for!

Autumn Festival

Peak: Early November – Late November

Parking available

Light Up

Date: November 1 – 23

Time: Sunset – 22:00

2013 Japan Fall

Photo by melanie_ko

Want to capture autumn foliage. Mt. Fuji, and yourself?

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