Visiting Yokohama? Enjoy a Peaceful Walk at Sankeien

There are many places to visit in Yokohama, from Chinatown to harbor, kids friendly aquarium to beautiful bay bridge.

If you are tired of the crowd and looking to have a calm and relaxing time, definitely visit Sankeien garden (三渓園).

Photo by LuxTonnerre


Photo by Nao Kitano


Photo by masao nakagami

There are 17 historical architectures brought from cities such as Kyoto and Kamakura, the three story pagoda shown in the picture being one of them. Because of these beautiful architectures, you can appreciate Japanese culture casually in Yokohama.

Another perks of Sankeien garden is the beautiful view it offers throughout the year across all four seasons.

In spring, cherry blossoms will bloom from late March until early April. The view from Oike area looking toward the red bridge is a great place to get your camera out! 

Sankeien Sakura

Photo by gokyofoto

In May, iris will bloom around the pond.


Photo by Purity Standard

Once summer comes, you can enjoy the fresh green. The color of the green leaves goes well with the wooden houses located within the garden.

三溪園 : Sankeien garden

Photo by naitokz

Autumn is no exception and offers beautiful scenery for those visiting. The combination of the traditional Japanese garden and the colorful leaves of autumn foliage is just spectacular. 

Autumn Colors

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Photo by Koji Ishii

Peak of autumn leaves are mid November until mid December so plan your trip well so as not to miss out on this amazing opportunity. 

Sankeien in autumn

Photo by shuzo serikawa

Sankeien in autumn

Photo by shuzo serikawa


From Negishi station (根岸) 10 minutes bus ride + 10 minutes walk

From Sakuragicho station (桜木町) 25 minutes bus ride + 5 minutes walk

From Yokohama station (横浜) East exit 35 minutes bus ride + 5 minutes walk

From Motomachi-Chukagai station (元町・中華街) 15 minutes bus ride + 5 minutes walk

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