True Japanese Experience in Kawagoe Festival

Looking for something cultural to do while you are in Japan this October?

If so, come to Kawagoe for a true Japanese experience during Kawagoe festival.

In the past several years, Kawagoe has attracted many tourists from overseas for its old town atmosphere. Kawagoe is known as little Edo and is a place you can appreciate the retro feel of Japan.

Kawagoe Japan

Photo by David Sanz


Photo by na0905

Date of Kawagoe Festival: October 15

             October 15, Saturday 



             October 16, Sunday



The main attraction of Kawagoe festival is the huge festival cars. There will be total of 29 festival cars which are all 8m high.  

When those huge festival cars pass each other, the atmosphere and the power of people are overwhelming!  


Photo by yamauchi


Photo by ngotoh


Photo by ngotoh

As it starts to get dark and the lanterns get lit up.  now the fun is famous “Hikkawase”. Hikkawase is when the festival cars face each other and battle with drum, whistle, and dance! 


Photo by w00kie


Photo by tetedelart1855

During those 2 days, Kawagoe is filled with excitement and it is just a great way to experience Japanese culture! 

How to get to Kawagoe

If you are in Tokyo, it is easy to go from either Shinjuku or Ikebukuro.

From Shinjuku

50 minutes by JR Saikyo line (alright at Kawagoe station)

45 minutes by Seibu-Shinjuku line (alright at Hon-Kawagoe station)

From Ikebukuro

30 minutes by Express Tobu-Tojyo line (alright at Kawagoe station)

45 minutes by Seibu-Shinjuku line (alright at Hon-Kawagoe station)

Where to see the festival

Best place to see the festival cars is around Tokinokane (時の鐘).

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