Must Go Beaches in Okinawa

You might think the best time to go to Okinawa is summer time but actually October is one of the best seasons to visit. Although there is fair amount of rain in Okinawa, in October rainy days diminish and you can enjoy sunny days!

There are many beautiful places in Okinawa including many beaches for you to relax and enjoy crystal clear blue ocean in front of you. Look through our recommendation and have a great time in Okinawa!


Photo by pearlbear78


Mibaru Beach (新原)

You can see Okinawa view for 360 degrees with nothing blocking your view. There are no net placed in the ocean, thus you can snorkel far to see many tropical fish. 


Photo by yeung ming


Chinen Cape Park (知念岬公園)

Chinen misaki in Okinawa with blue sky and blue ocean

If you are at Chinen cape park, walk all the way down. The spectacular view of the blue ocean will let you appreciate that the earth is indeed round. Also if you are a morning person, it’s a great spot for sunrise.

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Zanpa Coast (残波岬)

The symbolic white lighthouse stands tall at the end of the cape. Zampa cape is also know for the beautiful sunset so bring your camera along for an amazing view.

D610 zanpa wash

Photo by troy_williams

Zanpa Sunset

Photo by Jonathan Leung

Sunset Beach

As the name gives away, Sunset beach is a perfect location to see the sunset. It is located by Mihama american village and you might forget that you are in Japan.

Sunset Beach, Okinawa

Photo by Calvin Ge

Sunset Beach

Photo by chupacabra runner

Toguchi Beach (渡具知)

Toguchi beach is well know among the locals but not so much among tourists. Enjoy a walk along the hidden beach with your loved one.

D700 toguchi sand lines

Photo by troy_williams

D610 toguchi 12-27-14 torii

Photo by troy_williams


Araha Beach

Araha beach has it all and everyone can enjoy from small children to couples to people visiting with friends. There is a in-water obstacle course and is popular among kids. As the sun goes down, it will be a romantic time for the couples. How about a BBQ and beer to enjoy the sunset even more?

D610 araha seawall

Photo by troy_williams


Sesoko Beach (瀬底ビーチ)

Sesoko beach and Ie Island

Photo by Ken FUNAKOSHI

There is nothing artificial around Sesoko beach, only white sand beach and emerald green ocean. Drive over Sesoko Ohashi bridge 

Manzamo (万座毛)


Photo by Jonathan Leung

Manzamou cape is one of the popular destination within Okinawa island. It is famous for the elephant’s nose shaped rock. Best to visit before noon for a great photo! Manza beach is great beach to enjoy water sports. Bring your family along and have a great time at the beach.

Manza beach

Photo by Shinichi Morita

Okinawa overall has crystal clear ocean with white sand beach and there is no doubt you have a relaxing time at the beach here in Okinawa. If you are thinking to come to Japan in October, include Okinawa in your trip!

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