How to Capture Autumn Foliage with Camera

If you have been to Japan during fall, you probably know how beautiful fall season is in Japan. It’s so beautiful that you get your camera or iphone out and start taking picture but the quality of photo isn’t always as good as you want it to be.

So, here’s some tips from KoKoRoGraphy photographer to brush up your camera skill so you can capture the beautiful scenery this fall!


Photo by Takashi .M

1. Be aware of the position of the sun

<Order Light>

If you take photos having the sun on your back, you can capture the scene just the way you see it. That’s good enough if you are taking normal photo but it can appear flat and normal.


Photo by Kyoto-Picture

<Side Light>

Change it a bit and have sun on your side. Then there will be shadows of the tree and adds dimensional factor in to your photo.


Photo by Kyoto-Picture


<Back Light>

Backlight is a no-no when you are doubt portrait photos. However in this case, it will allow you to take magical photos as the light shines through autumn leaves.


Photo by *Yaco*


Shadowgraph of autumn

Photo by きうこ

2. Change the exposure depending on the color of the leaf 

Select minus exposure for red and plus for yellow leaves.  

If you notice that leaves appears white-ish, then you may want to bring down the exposure to -2/3. 


Photo by Masaru Kamikura

On the other hand, bring up the exposure level when taking yellow ginkyo trees and it will allow you to capture lightness of the yellow leaves. 


Photo by Kyoto-Picture

3. Choose the background 

Don’t get too drawn to the colorful leaves! Make sure to incorporate the background as it can add a different flavor to your photo.

Blue sky will be a great contrast to the beautiful red and yellow leaves.


Photo by gtknj



Photo by Takashi .M

紅葉 水

Photo by eiji ienaga

3. Don’t forget to look down too! 

I've been tagged!

Photo by きうこ

There is some elegance in fallen leaves as well. Don’t miss out on a great photo opportunity by looking up too much!

Moldova Forest

Photo by

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