Capture Autumn in Beautiful Area of Ishikawa

As summer approaches to its end, it will soon be time for autumn foliage in many places in Japan, including Kanazawa. Kenrokuen (兼六園) is one of the most popular spot among those visiting Kanazawa. However, there are many more places we recommend for you to enjoy the feel of fall.

Take a look at our recommendation and plan your autumn trip to Ishikawa prefecture this November!

Kenrokuen (兼六園)

There are over 340 maple trees planted within Kenrokuen and as November approaches, it will start to turn red.

Kotoji Stone Lantern, Kenroku-en, Kenrokuen, Six Attributes Garden, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan, 徽軫石燈籠, 徽軫灯籠, ことじとうろう, 兼六園, けんろくえん, 金澤, 金沢市, かなざわし, 石川縣, 石川県, いしかわけん, 日本, にっぽん, にほん

Photo by bryan…

金澤 兼六園

Photo by Jiashiang

Peak: Late November – Early December

Illumination: November 18 – December 3

Kanazawa Castle Park (金沢城公園)

Kanazawa castle park is situated next to Kenrokuen. The contrast of the autumn foliage and stone wall is very beautiful and great location for photoshoot. 

9999 Red fish

Photo by Robert Montgomery

Peak: Late November – Early December

Natadera Temple (那谷寺)

Natadera Temple 那谷寺

Photo by Jura Tone

Compared to Kenrokuen, there is up down in the landscape so you can enjoy looking up the vivid red maple leaves and also have a beautiful view looking over the whole temple.

Natadera Temple 那谷寺

Photo by Jura Tone

Peak: Early November – Late November

Kakusenkei (鶴仙渓)

Enjoy a walk from Korogi bridge (こおろぎ橋) to Kurotani bridge (黒谷橋) and you will be mesmerized by the amazing autumn foliage by the gorge.


Photo by inazakira

humble autumn foliage

Photo by Atsuhiko Takagi

Peak: Mid November – Late November

Many beautiful red and yellow colored scenery can be captured in Ishikawa prefecture.

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