Zazen experience in Kamakura

How to live the moment? This is fundamental question for everyone. One of the main purposes for Zen Meditation is to look for your answer to this question.

If today were last day of your life, what would you want to do today?

To answer this question, you have to focus on inside and consider what it is meant to you. Zazen could provide you opportunity to consider about this difficult question.

zazen kamakura

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You would be really busy due to work and are not able to think about this question during daily life. However, if you are taking a break or vacation, you might have time to think about this important question.

If you travel in Japan, why don’t you try and experience Japanese Zazen meditation for rest of your life? Nothing will be changed if you don’t start thinking about this. 

There are many temples where you can experience Zazen in Japan. If you are a beginner and look for entry level of Zazen, Engakuji in Kamakura would be good start to learn it.

Engakuji is one of the leading Zen temples in Japan and it was founded in 1282. The temple provides meditation to general public including foreigners.




Engakuji (円覚寺)

Address: 〒247-0247 Kanagawa Prefecture, Kamakura, Yamanouchi, 409

Tel: +81-467-22-0478

Nearest Station: Kita-Kamakura (JR Yokosuka Line)

Entrance Fee: JPY 300


Time Schedules

Daily Zazen: 6am-7am

Saturday Zazen: 1:20pm – 2:20pm**

Sunday Zazen: 8am-9:50am (open every 1st/3rd/5th Sunday of the month)**

** They are closed in August

Notes: No reservation is required and free of charge (you have to pay the entrance fee). Please wear comfortable clothing but do not wear short-pants. English translation is not provided during meditation.

Have a good Zazen time!