Sunflower festival in Hokkaido 2016

Coming to Hokkaido this summer? Want to be surrounded by beautiful yellow sunflowers? Well, here is your chance to visit Hokuryu sunflower festival, just 1 hour away from Asahikawa.

Hokuryu Sunflower Festival

Hokuryu has the largest area for sunflower in Japan.

There are more than 1 million blooming during the peak season. 


Photo by Tzuhsun Hsu


Photo by Kunitaka NIIDATE

北竜町 ひまわりの里

Photo by Kentaro Ohno

As of today, some areas of the field are fully blooming.

If you are traveling through Asahikawa, it is definitely worth a stop for a relaxing walk in sunflower field.

It is a great way to feel and smell the summer season.


    • Address:143-2 Itaya, Hokuryu, Uryu District, Hokkaido
    • Open everyday until August 21
    • Free entry, free parking (500 spots)

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