How about an up-side down Mt. Fuji?

Mt. Fuji is certainly one of the symbols that represents Japan. The shape of the mountain is just so perfect and the snow covering the upper part of the mountain makes it even more beautiful.

At Kawaguchiko lake (河口湖) in Yamanashi prefecture, you can enjoy this beautiful mountain not only by itself but up-side-down reflecting on the lake.


Photo by David Hsu

Kawaguchiko lake is one of the Fuji five lakes (Fujigoko, 富士五湖) and is a popular tourist spot for both Japanese and foreign travelers.

One of the best spot to capture a beautiful up-side-down Mt. Fuji is Ubugayasaki (産屋ヶ崎).

It’s not only the up-side-down Mt. Fuji that Kawaguchiko lake offers and there are many more beautiful sceneries for you to enjoy.

How about a nice relaxing walk around the lake?


Photo by Yoshihide Urushihara

Lake Kawaguchiko

Photo by Cliffano Subagio

It is such a romantic view as the sun goes down with the light reflecting on the lake.

Lead Me

Photo by Reginald Pentinio

In April, cherry blossoms will be blooming and it will be a great time to bring your camera for a beautiful photo.

Sakura on Mt. Fuji

Photo by skyseeker

kawaguchiko, oshino hakkai

Photo by shuzo serikawa

In June and July, lavender will be blooming adding colorful purple contrast the scenery of Mt. Fuji. 

In November, autumn foliage can be viewed everywhere. Walk on a natural red and yellow leaf carpet, enjoying the sound of the crispy leaves.


Photo by Moyan Brenn

Mount Fuji @ Lake Kawaguchiko

Photo by Guilhem Vellut

Come and enjoy the beautiful Mt. Fuji and Kawaguchiko lake!

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