Recommended location for Osaka photoshoot

Osaka is one of the busiest city in south of Japan and there are many places you should include in your itinerary. Check out KoKoRoGraphy’s recommendation for your memorable photoshoot!

Osaka Castle (大阪城)

Ōsaka-jō [explored]

Photo by D. Julien

Being symbol of  Osaka, Osaka castle is a must-go spot.

Take a walk around the castle and you can enjoy a peaceful time away from the bustling life of Osaka. 

There are different sceneries offered each season; cherry blossom in spring, red and yellow leaves in autumn, and white snow in winter. Visit anytime of the year and you will  have the chance to appreciate the four seasons.

Dotonbori (道頓堀)


Photo by skas0203

Dotobori is like Shibuya crossing in Tokyo, as it is one of the landmark of Osaka. You have probably seen a photo of the famous Glico man in Dotonbori.

If you want to feel what Osaka is all about, add Dotonbori to your itinerary. It is really filled with the strong energy of people in Osaka.

Don’t forget to try Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, and all sorts of local food here at Dotonbori!


Photo by hans-johnson

Shinsekai & Tsutenkaku tower (新世界、通天閣)

If you visit Shinsekai, you can see what the old Osaka looked like as it still has the retro atmosphere to it.

There stands Tsutenkaku, which was built in 1912 mimicking Eiffel Tower in Paris. The 64m tower was at one point, tallest in East Asia.


Photo by cotaro70s

Don’t forget to touch the feet of Biriken when you are at Shinsekai for a good luck charm! (Biriken at right corner of the photo)

Sumiyoshi Taisha (住吉大社)

Sumiyoshi taisha is considered one of the power spots in Osaka. It is also one of the popular shrines for Japanese people to visit on the new years day.


Photo by Ann Lee

The famous bridge, know as Taikobashi appears in well known Japanese classic literature. Until 9pm, there will be a light-up and you can certainly capture beautiful photo along the bridge.

Drum Bridge

Photo by chiron3636

Additionally, there are many great restaurants around Sumiyoshi Taisha so make sure to stroll around when you visit here.

Take a walk around the castle and you can enjoy a peaceful time away from the bustling life of Osaka. 

Nakanoshima Park (中之島公園)

Nakanoshima park is a English style garden and was the very first park to be opened in Osaka back in 1891.

Central public hall is a photogenic building with red brick wall with blue roof and might be good location to include in your photoshoot. 


Photo byhiromitsu morimoto

In May, you can enjoy beautiful roses blooming in the park as well!

Minoo Park (箕面公園) 

Water fall in Mino park, Osaka

Photo by pelican

Tired of being in the city? If you are, visit Minoo park and immerse yourself in nature and beautiful waterfall. The dynamic yet beautiful water fall of Minoo is 5m wide and drops 33m.

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Photo by James Gochenouer

There are easy-to-walk trail for any age to enjoy. Take a walk and surround yourself with trees. It is very refreshing to listen to birds sing as you trek.