5 Places to See the Most Beautiful Sunset in Kanto Region

There is something about seeing the sun go down. It is simply so beautiful that you feel refreshed and purified as the sky becomes orange. How about a photoshoot at one of the places to see the most beautiful sunset?

Kamakura Koko-mae in Kanagawa (鎌倉高校前)


Photo by Sun Taro

Walk from Kamakura Koko-mae to Shichirigahama and you can be sure to enjoy a gorgeous sunset as the sun goes down behind Enoshima island.

Odaiba in Tokyo (お台場)

Sunset @ Rainbow Bridge (HDR)

Photo by Guwashi999

Only 20 minutes from Tokyo station here at Odaiba, the collaboration of sunset and rainbow bridge is just amazing.

How about a boat ride for a close up view of the bridge?


Photo by Taichiro Ueki

Katsuura in Chiba (勝浦)


Photo by houroumono

At Katsuura, you can enjoy view of 180 degrees as the sun goes down.

The balance of the sky, the mountain and the ocean is just beautiful. 


Photo by fto mizno

Yokohama in Kanagawa (横浜)

Yokohama is famous for its night illumination of the buildings but sunset is as beautiful.

Recommended spots are Osanbashi hall, Daikokufuto, and Red Brick Warehouse.

buildings and boats

Photo by OiMax

Sayamako, Saitama (狭山湖)

One of the best spot to capture Mt. Fuji and the sunset. It is breath taking view as the sun colors Mt. Fuji in orange.

How about a photoshoot in the sunset?

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