Must go places in nature rich Nagano

Nagano welcomes you with beautiful nature throughout the four seasons and is #1 prefecture Japanese people wants to migrate to. There are many places that will take your breathe away so have your camera ready! Looking for a beautiful nature in the background for your pre-wedding photo? Nagano is ready for you.


Photo by m-louis .®

Shiraito no Taki (白糸の滝)


Photo by Ken Yamaguchi

Shiraito no taki’s origin is from the spring water that comes up from underground and rock surface. One remarkable thing about this waterfall is that it is always crystal clear regardless of the rain. 

You can enjoy light-up and project mapping in summer time (7/29 – 8/28). 

*Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday (performed everyday 8/10 – 8/15)

Light up 19:00-21:00 /Project mapping every 15 minuets starting at 19:00

Address: Nagakura, Karuizawa, Kitasaku District, Nagano

Shigakogen (志賀高原)


Photo by sota

Shigakogen is located 1000m high, thus is a cool refreshing place to be during summer and a great ski resort in winter time. 

Skiing @Shigakogen

Photo by hiropiro.

There are 5 trekking courses in Shigakogen, and summer time will be a perfect time to be surrounded by fresh green trees. 

If you have a car, drive through Shiga-Kusatsu Kogen route which is a beautiful 41km scenic drive connecting Shigakogen and Kusatsu onsen hot spring. 


Photo by 王 勇

Kurumayama Kogen(車山高原)


Photo by kanonn

Located 1925m high, the view from Kurumayama peak is fantastic.  

Hike a little and you will be able to capture many alpine plants along the way.


Photo by blueskyfantasie

Kamikochi (上高地)

Kamikochi 上高地

Photo byMing-yen Hsu

Similar to other places mentioned above, Kamikochi is cool even during summer time.

If you are tired of the heat in the city of Tokyo, it is the place to be. 

Kamikochi 上高地

Photo by Jason Downey