Most “Japanese” location in Japan

Want to see everything that symbolize Japan? At Mt. Arakura Sengen Park (新倉山浅間公園) in Yamanashi prefecture, you can capture the most “Japanese” scenery including Mt. Fuji and authentic five story pagoda.

Mt. Arakura Sengen park is located in Yamanashi prefecture near Kawaguchiko lake. With less than 2 hours from Tokyo, it will be a great day trip to enjoy breath taking view. 

Mt. Fuji itself being so beautiful, Mt. Arakura Sengen park is chosen as one the of best 100 places to view Mt. Fuji. 

Bring your camera along and capture the beautiful Mt. Fuji. If the weather is good, you can also enjoy a beautiful sunset.

During the spring time, there will be cherry blossoms blooming for great addition of beautiful spring scenery. 

Fuji with Chureito Pagoda

Photo by Reginald Pentinio

To capture Mt. Fuji and the pagoda, position yourself on the slope behind the 5 story pagoda. It can be muddy so you need to be careful not to slip.

Want to capture yourself with Mt. Fuji and five story pagoda?

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