Enjoy cycling in Kamakura

Kamakura during summer time is very popular among Japanese. In August, there are many bars and restaurants on the beach and many people come to Kamakura to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach.

Kamakura is about 1 hour away from Shinjuku and is a perfect getaway if you are staying in Tokyo for multiple days. 

Although Kamakura is famous for its temples and shrines, if you are in the area for more than a day, why not rent a bicycle and enjoy cycling along the coast?

There are many recommended cycling course but today, let me introduce the one along the coast, all the way to Yanagishima coast (total 20km).

You can start early to enjoy the cool morning breeze or you can start late just to see the sunset at one of the beaches.

First stop is Yuigahama beach (由比ヶ浜)


Photo by masa_0202


Photo by frontriver

Yuigahama beach is one of the popular beaches in Kamakura.

It will be quite crowded in August during summer holiday. 

Cycle for about 2km, and you will see Inamuragasaki (稲村ヶ崎)


Photo by Hiroyuki Naito

You can see a beautiful sunset from Inamuragasaki so don’t forget to stop by during sunset time.


Photo by Yutaka Fujiki

After Inamuragasaki, the name changes to Shichirigahama beach (七里ヶ浜).  

As you cycle around Shichirigahama, you will soon see Enoden train running.  

You will pass Kamakurakoko-mae station (鎌倉高校前), which is the only Enoden station that is facing the beach. 


Photo by Nan-Cheng Tsai

If you are a fan of anime “Slum Dunk”, don’t forget to stop by at famous Nissaka crossing! 


Photo by 中岑 范姜

Say goodbye to Enoden train and let’s head toward Enoshima island (江ノ島).  

After Enoshima island, there aren’t many shops and restaurant, so if you are feeling hungry, grab a bite here at Enoshima. 

Once you pass Enoshima, you are now at Shonan kaigan park (県立湘南海岸公園)


Photo by akira yamada

As you keep cycling, there is a beautiful cycling course developed just for those on the bike, starting from Kugenuma coast (鵠沼海岸).  

Cycle for another 6km and you will reach Southern Beach (サザンビーチ). From Southern beach, there is a fun 2km cycling course to Yanagishima caost (柳島海岸)

Remember that you will have to cycle back to where you started but if you have energy, it is a great cycling course all the way to Yanagishima beach. 

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