Best way to connect to WiFi in Japan

You will be surprised by the lack of wifi connectivity in Japan despite the advanced technology industry. So let’s figure out the best way to stay connected in Japan. Let’s admit, it is hard to live without internet nowadays and we don’t want you to feel lost in Japan.


Photo by miniyo73

Options for Wi-Fi:

  • Free wi-fi
  • Paid wi-fi
  • Pocket wi-fi
  • SIM card

Free Wi-Fi

  • 60,000+ spots
  • 2 weeks (extension available)
  • No registration necessary
  • Get a “premium code” from one of several partners to increase hot spots to 200,000.
  • Available in English, Chinese, Korean, Thai

  • 130,000 spots
  • Registration necessary
  • Available in English, Chinese, Korean, Thai

  • 400,000 spots
  • 2 weeks (extension available)
  • Call a toll-free number (*8180) from a foreign cellphone while connected to the Softbank network and receive password.
  • Available in English, Chinese, Korean

Paid Wi-Fi

  • 150,000 high-speed access spots
  • JPY 972  for 1week /JPY 1404 for 3 weeks
  • Create an account as a tourist

Pocket Wi-Fi

Pocket wifi is for those who wants to have access to wifi anywhere they go. You can arrange to pick up the device at your preferred destination or simply pick it up at the airpot. Returning is as easy as putting it in the red mailbox which can be found anywhere in Japan, on the street, at convenient store, or even at the airport.  

  • JPY400 (10GB) / JPY800 (unlimited) per day – cheapest
  • Pick-up: Pre-order online and pick up at airport (Narita 1/2, Haneda, Kansai, Chubu), or delivery
  • Return: Red mailboxes on the street,convenience store & airport

  • JPY2680 – JPY18,500
  • Automatic extension
  • Pick up: Delivery, Airport (Narita 1/2,  Haneda, Kansai, Chubu, Chitose (Hokkaido), Fukuoka, Naha), & Shinjuku counter
    • You can also arrange to pick up in Taiwan or Hong Kong.
  • Return: Convenience store, airport, shinjuku counter

  • JPY870 – JPY1750
  • English manual and English speaking support
  • Pick up: Narita 1/2, Haneda, Kansai, Chubu, Chitose (Hokkaido), Fukuoka
  • Return: Red mailboxes on the street,convenience store & airport

Hope this information will help you stay connected during your stay in Japan!

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