Perfect spot for hot day in Kyoto

As we approach August, it is getting hotter and hotter in Kyoto, one of the most popular tourist locations in Japan. Kyoto’s summer can be quite hot but don’t worry! There are spots in Kyoto that will make you feel cool. Let’s escape from the heat and enjoy your time in Kyoto.

1. Kifune Shrine (貴船神社)

Listen to the soothing sound of river running while being surrounded by natural green. This refreshing feel is what Kifune shrine offers, especially in summer time.

It is also know as power spot. The water is thought as sacred and will help cleanse any bad luck.


Photo by uetchy

貴船神社 kibune

Photo by Norio NAKAYAMA

After visiting Kifune shrine, cool down even more during lunch time in Kawadoko (川床). 

Sit on the tatami which is placed over the river, you can experience a very traditional way of how Japanese people escaped from the hot summer day. 


Photo by sprklg

2. Bamboo Grove in Sagano/Arashiyama(竹林の道)

Immerse yourself in the famous bamboo grove in Arashiyama if the heat is getting to you. 

It is a perfect place for that with bamboo trees protecting you from the sun. 

Enjoy your walk as you feel fresh air brushing against your face. 

Bamboo forrest! 竹林の道

Photo by Ari Helminen

Another recommendation at Arashiyama is to hop on a train from Arashiyama station.

You can enjoy a great view of Hozu river along the way.

トロッコ嵐山駅 / 嵐山トロッコ列車

Photo by Kentaro Ohno

保津峡 / 嵐山トロッコ列車

Photo by Kentaro Ohno

Sagano Romantic Train official website:

3. Nanzenji temple (南禅寺)

Walk through Nanzenji temple and you will see aqueducts that are more than 120 years old and is still be used.

You can see Biwako river running through the aqueduct which is refreshing and cooling to your eyes.


Photo by Keiko Shih


Photo by masatoshi_

Kyoto is a popular tourist destination all year around but summer can be tough due to the heat.

We hope you will visit the above spots to cool down and refresh during your time in Kyoto!

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