Unique gift to people you love

We celebrate our families, friends and others for many occasions but in many cases, we struggle to choose a suitable gift for them. If you are looking for something unique and special, you may want to consider giving a photo gift.


KoKoRoGraphy provides a service called “photo for a gift” to capture special moments and memories for your precious people. Unlike normal gifts we usually give, photo gift is creative, something new and unique. If your friend’s birthday is coming soon and she plans to travel to Japan, you can give vacation photo gift to capture her happy moments during her travel as a memory.


You may want to consider photo gift service for following occasions.



Capture happy moments with your family through photos. Photographer helps family create lasting moments.

family photo

Mom and dad kissing the baby boy

Photo by Hirotaka Minamide



Your kids might not remember when they are small, but their photos remember the moments.

Brothers sitting on a hay block for vacation photo

A mom and two kids smiling while kids sit on mom's lap

Photo by Hirotaka Minamide



Anniversary is always special and precious. You might want to give photo gift to your parents or grand-parents for their wedding anniversary or birthday.

A couple walking hand in hand walking through the lavender garden in Hokkaido for vacation photo

An elderly couple cuddling at the beach for vacation photo



You will only be pregnant a few times in your entire life. Do not miss your chance to capture moment that you are becoming a mother. Show your maternity photos to your future kid to share how he or she was born.


Photo by Mama Marcia


How to give photo gift?


Please visit at: https://kokorography.com/photo-for-a-gift/