Beautiful green Kyoto in early summer

Kyoto is famous for its beautiful cherry blossoms in spring and red and yellow leaves during autumn. You may think spring and autumn is the only seasons worth visiting Kyoto but no! Fresh greens in Kyoto are as beautiful as those cherry blossoms and colored leaves and worth a trip!

The best part of fresh green in Kyoto is that it is predictable!

Cherry blossoms and fall colored leaves are hard to predict. It really depends on the temperature and sometimes you are disappointed because you may miss the peak of the blooming.

Bamboo trees in Kyoto

Photo by 白士 李

Here are some recommended spots if you are visiting Kyoto in summer time.

Sanzenin (三千院)

Sanzenin is famous for its beautiful garden. During summer time, you can enjoy peaceful time viewing the green moss garden.

Sanzen-in 三千院 (KYOTO/JAPAN)

Photo by Chi King

京都 大原三千院

Photo by Ken Yamaguchi

Hozu River Boat Ride (保津川)

It is such a relaxing experience to sit on a boat and be immersed in fresh green as you go along Hozu river.

There is also a train that you can take. Hop on from Arashiyama to Kameoka and on the way back, you can enjoy your boat ride from Kameoka back to Arashiyama. 


slopes of Hozu-gawa

Photo by JahnmitJa

boat on Hozu-gawa

Photo by JahnmitJa


Photo by Thomas Au

Sagano Scenic Railway

Photo by cotaro70s

Nanzenji Temple (南禅寺)

Nanzenji temple offers a beautiful green garden in summer time. You can see the famous Sanmon(三門) surroudned by green maple trees.  

Enjoy a short walk to the red brick canal. With the contrast of green maple trees, it will be a photogenic location!

Nanzenji garden

Photo by Chris Gladis

Nanzenji aquaduct

Photo by Chris Gladis

Interested in vacation photos of you and beautiful fresh green garden in Kyoto this summer?