Capture romantic kiss for your photoshoot

You want to capture variety of scenes and poses for your pre-wedding photoshoot and kiss scene is no exception for couples who are in love.

But you may be shy and feel awkward in front of the camera and that’s ok. It is up to you and your fiancee to choose what poses to include.  For those of you who are thinking to include a kiss photo, here’s some tips to capture your romantic kiss beautifully!

Love is in the air

Photo by Gabriel Flores Romero


Photo by MFer Photography

Here’s some dos and don’ts when you are getting kiss photos;

1. Be gentle and don’t press too hard – Kiss soft and light and don’t get too close that your noses are squashed. Keeping it light is the key!

2. Don’t use your tongue – It’s good to be romantic and passionate but may be not for your photo…

3. Always close your eyes

4. Hand is important! – For ladies, gently place your hand on his cheek or the back of his head. For guys, be gentle and hold her chin lightly with two or three fingers.  

Amy + Keaton Engagements

Photo by Shelley N.


Photo by Old Fashioned Principle

Additionally, all kiss shots doesn’t need to be up close!

Photographer can play around with the composition and it can be a wider shot. Then, it won’t be a close up shot of your face and there are less things to worry about.

Hannah & Jared

Photo by Jason Corey

Don’t be shy and enjoy your pre-wedding photo. It will be one of the unforgettable photos you’ll ever take! 

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