Best time to visit Kyoto

Japan is known for four seasons and you’ll be able to see different scenery depending on when you visit Japan. That means, if you have specific view in mind, you need to know when is the best time to visit.

Kyoto being one of the popular areas for tourists, here are the best time to visit Kyoto.

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms starts blooming late March and can be enjoyed till late April. 

Of course, it will depend on the weather and temperature but if you visit in early April, you are more likely to catch the beautiful pink cherry blossoms blooming in Kyoto. 

I like cloudy (or rainy) Kyoto, but... 1

Photo by ryuta kawakami

I'm loving it!

Photo by Ryosuke Yagi

Summer in Kyoto is known to be very hot. 

If you are visiting Kyoto during summer time, there are some places where you can experience cool breeze such as Arashiyama and Shimogamo shrine.  

Peeking Sun

Photo by Reginald Pentinio

Shimogamo Shrine — 1

Photo by Kana Natsuno

Red and Yellow leaves in Autumn

Leaves starts to turn red and yellow in November and can be enjoyed till early December.   

Again, it really depends on the weather and temperature but if you plan on visiting in November, you can be sure to catch some beautiful scenery of fall in Kyoto. 

Kyoto gardens offer spectacular views during fall with breath taking contrast between the red and yellow colored leaves and clear blue sky! 

It is definitely a peak season for tourists along with cherry blossom season. 


Photo by Wentao

Morning Enkoji in Autumn 圓光寺秋の早朝特別拝観

Photo by Norio NAKAYAMA

Winter in Kyoto can be quite harsh and cold.

The number of tourists drop during winter time just for that reason.

Kyoto welcomes tourist during this cold weather by opening temples that are usually closed for viewing. So for temple lovers, it might be a good time to visit but make sure to bundle yourself up in layers and layers of clothes! 

Another perk of visiting Kyoto during winter is a magical scenery of temples covered in white snow.

雪の金閣寺 Kinkakuji temple in snow

Photo by Takeshi Kuboki


Photo by Kyoto Sanada

So when does it snow? It tends to snow from late January to February but even it snows, it is only for several days.

It will be difficult to estimate the day of snow so you are one lucky person if you get to see the majestic Kyoto in winter.

Hope you got an idea of when to visit Kyoto for your upcoming trip! 

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