Recommended Route 1 Hour Photoshoot in Tokyo

If you are thinking to have either your pre-wedding photo or vacation photo in Tokyo, you may be having some difficulty deciding which spots to include as Tokyo offers such diverse views from city view in Shinjuku, teen pop culture filled Shibuya, to authentic atmosphere in Asakusa.

For those of you who need some ideas, here is a route that was recently chose by one of our customers. 

If you want to capture a city view of Tokyo but also include some nature, this plan might be it!

Spot 1: Shinjuku Gyoen Park

There are different kinds of flowers blooming year around here in Shinjuku Gyoen park.  

Pose in front of cherry blossom, azalea, or hydrangea and it will surly add some color to your photo. 

Couple hugging and being playful with cherry blossoms in the backgourd



Photo by Takanori Nakanowatari


Photo by Takashi .M
Spot 2: Shibuya Crossing

As you know, Shibuya crossing is one of the iconic spots in Tokyo, hence very popular among our customers as well. 

It is only 15- 20 minutes taxi or train ride away from Shinjuku Gyoen park so those locations are a good combination for 1 hour photoshoot. 


Photo by Candida.Performa

Hustlin', Shibuya

Photo by The Microscopic Giant

This is just one sample route and there are many other spots that we recommend. 

All our plans are flexible in terms of which locations to choose for your photoshoot and you can always consult KoKoRoGraphy concierge to find the best one for you!

Interested in including these spots in your pre-wedding photo or vacation photo?