Prop Ideas for Japanese Style Pre-Wedding Photo

Planning to have pre-wedding photoshoot in kimono in Japan?

Here’s some suggestion from our photographer for fun props to make your photo even more unique and fun!


1. Japanese umbrella (傘)

There are different colors and designs so choose your favorite one.



Hamarikyu Garden : Japanese couple in traditional attire

Photo by Manish Prabhune



Oil paper umbrella

Photo by Moyan Brenn


2. Paper ballon (紙風船)


Kami Fusen / 紙風船

Photo by gwaar


3. Origami (折り紙)



Photo by haru__q



Photo by sayot


4. Sensu (扇子)


A woman holding sensu fan in her hand wearing kimono



5. Something seasonal


A couple holding a red maple leaf during their pre-wedding photo


Be creative in your photoshoot. You can come up with a fun props to use to add some uniqueness to your photo!

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