Cherry blossom blooming full in Hirosaki park, Aomori

Spectacular Cherry Blossom in Hirosaki Park, Aomori 2016

Cherry blossoms are blooming in many places in Japan and Hirosaki park is no exception. This Hirosaki park that I am about to introduce to you offers spectacular view of cherry blossoms along the river. It is not too much to say that it is probably one of the best cherry blossom spots in Japan.

It is getting warmer in Aomori with highest temperature being 18 degrees. With temperature creeping up, the cherry blossom buds are becoming bigger and pink and all ready to start blooming. According to the forecast, it will start to bloom this weekend and fully bloom by April 22nd.

There are over 3000 cherry blossom trees with 52 different kinds. The oldest Someiyoshino cherry blossom and the biggest Someiyoshino cherry blossom are both located in here at Hirosaki park.

Hirosaki Sakura Festival

From April 23rd until May 5th, Hirosaki sakura festival will be hosted. During this time, even on week days there will be many people visiting to enjoy the beautiful view of cherry blossoms. Because of the crowd, it is highly recommended to visit early in the morning. That way, you can walk freely and purely immerse yourself in the world of pink.

Hidden Spot: Weeping cherry blossom near castle tower

Amazing cherry blossom named Otakizakura is definitely a must see cherry blossom. It is approximately 100 years old and the part of the tree reaches down so far with many cherry blossoms blooming.

Hirosaki castle in cherry blossom festival season

Photo by yisris

Viewing Point: Red bridge, fully blooming cherry blossom, and pink carpet 

Cherry blossom blooming over river and bridge in Hirosaki park, Aomori

Viewing Point: Row of cherry blossom trees

Hirosaki castle in cherry blossom festival season

Photo by yisris

Viewing Point: Cherry blossom hanging over the river

Sakura-Matsuri fest. in Hirosaki Castle/IMGP0211

Photo by Munenori IIDA

Sakura - Hirosaki

Photo by Tomohiro Mazawa

Cherry Blossoms on Moat

Photo by foooomio

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