How to enjoy Enoden train in Kamakura

Kamakura is known for its little Kyoto in Eastern Japan. It is located less than an hour from Tokyo and a very popular destination even among Japanese locals as well as tourists.

There are many photogenic locations in Kamakura, hence a great choice of location for a vacation photo.

You can enjoy Kamakura in many different ways and using Enoden (江ノ島電鉄) is one way to explore Kamakura in old fashion way.


Photo by Yosuke Shimizu

This retro looking train runs from Kamakura station to Fujisawa station. The best part about Enoden is that you can view the ocean and the town of Kamakura while enjoying the relaxing ride. 

If you decide to explore Kamakura with Enoden, it is recommended to buy a 1 day ticket. For adult it is 600yen and 300yen for children. 

Here’s some recommendation as to which station to alright so you can explore efficiently. 

The first stop is Watazuka station (和田塚駅).

 It’s a very cozy station and a walking distance to Yuigahama beach.

Photo by yoko

Next up is Gokurakuji station (極楽寺駅).

Jyojuin would a place to stop by at Gokurakuji station. It is famous for hydrangeas in June and you can also over look the city of Kamakura. 

成就院@鎌倉の紫陽花 - Jyojuin Temple

Photo by hoge asdf

Enjoy the beautiful view alighting at Inamuragasaki station (稲村ヶ崎駅).

Here at Inamuragasaki, you can view Enoshima island and even Mt. Fuji if you are lucky. 

A great place to take a walk along the beach.

Inamuragasaki #1

Photo by Clement Chan

The sunrise and sunset is also very beautiful and worth taking a photo of.  

Sun Rises The Japanese Spirits.

Photo by meeekn

Last up is Kamakurakokomae station (鎌倉高校前駅).

It is probably one of the most famous station in Enoden line. It has been selected as shooting location for tv show, movie, and commercials ads. As you walk up the hill from the station and pose for a photo,  you’ll get a great shot! 

Enoshima Island

Photo by Yoshikazu TAKADA

I hope you’ll enjoy the city of Kamakura riding Enoden! 

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