2016 Latest Blooming Cherry Blossom in Honshu (main island of Japan)

Shokoji Temple in Tateshina, Nagano

2016 Latest Blooming Cherry Blossom in Honshu (main island of Japan)

Most of cherry blossoms in Honshu (main island of Japan) are fully bloomed in either late March or early April. If you are travelers who currently stay in Japan may enjoy beautiful timing of sakura season now. However, there will be chance for travelers who are visiting late April or early May. If you don’t mind spending time to go to Nagano-prefecture (West of Japan’s main island nearby Japanese Alps), you may still able to view fully bloomed cherry blossoms in May.

Honshu (main island of Japan)


Shokoji-temple (聖光寺) is latest blooming cherry blossom spot in Honshu. It is located to north of Lake Tateshina (蓼科)and there are about 300 Somei Yoshino cherry trees. Why are those cherry blossoms blooming so late? This is because Shokoji is located 1200 meter above sea level where its temperature is lower than any other spots in Honshu.

Latest blooming cherry blossom in Honshu


Shokoji Temple

Shokoji temple was built in 1970 by Toyota group. In 1970, number of traffic death was worst and this was why Toyota group build this temple to pray for traffic safety.

Address: 4035 Sarashina, Kitayama, Chino, Nagano-Prefecture, 391-0301

TEL: +81-266-67-2397