10 Romantic and Cute Poses for Your Photo-shoot

When you take pre-wedding photo shoot, don’t be shy. Show off your romantic moment as it is a great opportunity to capture your precious memory.

Here’s some collection of popular shots and poses for you.

Be romantic, be playful, or be cool. There’s something for every couple.

1. Must have kiss photo

Engagement: Erin + Tony

Photo by Corey Balazowich



Photo by Seth Lemmons



2. Hug from behind – squeeze with love

Fountains Abbey Engagement Shoot 5

Photo by John Hope


Beautiful young couple relaxing on couch

Photo by Richard Foster


3. Jump together – don’t forget to smile

Eleonora ♥ Tiziano

Photo by Anna Karma


4. Look in the eye

Josiah & Jessica's Engagement

Photo by Charles Williams


Nothing But Smiles

Photo by Sean McGrath


Alex & Jon-3

Photo by John Hope



5. Kiss on the forehead

Snow Engagement Photos

Photo by Brett Brooner



Photo by Manik Rathee



6. Hold your hands – don’t ever let it go

New Years Eve Wedding 2013

Photo by AARON_400D

Kara & Tom Engagement shoot March 2011 (52)

Photo by chatsnap


7. Lay down on the ground

Helen & Colin-13

Photo by John Hope


Corinna & Nick-30

Photo by John Hope


8. Piggy back

Benoit & Marie 1

Photo by Pierre Lognoul


Young love

Photo by Kelley Boone