5 Hidden Spots in Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and most populous metropolis. However, depending on which part of Tokyo you visit, you can experience the old town feel or appreciate the beautiful Japanese garden and nature. If you are looking for something different in your Tokyo photo shoot, explore hidden spots to let yourself forget where you are.


1. Yanaka Area 

When you walk around Yanaka, it will take you back in time with its old town atmosphere and you will feel sense of nostalgia. Enjoy the winding alleys and stop by in one of the small shops that are all cramped together.  You should also visit Yanaka Ginza shopping street and grab some thing to eat. If you get tired walking, don’t worry. Hop on one of the Jinrikisha, a two-wheeled cart passenger vehicle pulled by a strong Japanese man.


Photo by Norio NAKAYAMA



Photo by Isado



Photo by othree



2. Koishikawa Korakuen

Located in Iidabashi, 20min train ride from Shinjuku, Koishikawa garden is one of the most beautiful gardens in Tokyo and famous for its cherry blossoms during spring. Come fall, you will be surrounded by red and yellows leaves up and down with many maple trees planted around the garden.

Flower HDR - 15

Photo by Kabacchi



Photo by Nakashi


3. Okutama

Hop on a train from Shinjuku for 1 hour and you’ll find yourself surrounded by beautiful nature and landscape of Okutama. Forget about the busy city feel of Tokyo, breathe fresh air, and relax. There are several walking trails for you to enjoy hiking.



Photo by Takashi M.


Okutama Day Trip 2014

Photo by Zhao!


4. Gotokuji

Gotokuji is for all you cat lovers! Look around and there’s cat, cat, cat, literally everywhere. Maneki-neko, known to bring good luck to the owner, was originated here at Gotokuji. You sure will feel good after the visit.


Photo by Senna Chanel


Gotokuji(2009.7.4) - 27

Photo by saname777


5. Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Get a beautiful view of Tokyo from the observatory in Tokyo Metropolitan Government, located 202m height. The best part is that it’s absolutely free! If sky is clear, you can Tokyo Tower, Sky Tree, and Mt. Fuji, which are all symbols of Japan.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Photo by aotaro


Tokyo skyline

Photo by tetedelart1855


Open from 9:30am till 11pm for you to enjoy the beautiful night view