Thousand Cherry Trees and Many More to See in Yoshino, Nara

Yoshino’s view of thousand cherry blossom trees is just breath taking. It almost feels like computer graphics and very surreal.

If you love cherry blossoms like Japanese people, Yoshino cherry blossoms must be included in your itinerary! Anywhere you take a photo, it’s hard no to turn out great. So, bring your camera along and immerse yourself in the world of pink.

Don’t forget that it’s not only cherry blossoms that Yoshino offers. There are many more attractions for you to enjoy in Nara!


Photo by kin


Ropeway Ride

If you are visiting Yoshino, you must ride the ropeway. It is only about 3 minutes ride but the view from the ropeway is amazing and it will blow you away. Don’t focus too much on taking photos and make sure to enjoy with your own eyes as well!

Yoshino Ropeway

Photo by Kzaral


Kinpusenji Temple

In 2004, Kimpusenji temple was registered as world heritage. The height being 34 meters, it is the tallest wooden historical architecture in Japan. If you pose in front of the temple, you’ll for sure have an authentic Japanese photo.


Photo by mdxdt



Suspension Bridge in Tanise

Looking for a thrilling experience? Tanise presents you with a nerve racking bridge. It is 297 meters long and 54 meters high. This bridge was originally built to help people in the area so that they can get around easier and unique part is that the local people gathered their own money to build this bridge.

The sign in the picture below reads “It is dangerous if more than 20 people crosses at one time”. If you can overcome your fear and thrill, come and enjoy the spectacular view from the bridge!


Photo by Tetsuya Mitsukuri



Mitarai Valley

It’s water is so clear that you can see through all the way to the bottom! Take a deep breath and soak yourself in nature! In autumn, it will be red and yellow everywhere.

御手洗渓谷 - Mitarai ravine // 2010.11.14 - 37

Photo by Tamago Moffle



Oodaigahara Mountain

This might be the most award winning mountain! It is selected as the top 100 mountain in Japan, top 100 hidden spots in Japan, and also top 100 scenery so that tells you how cool this spot is.

With over 5000 mm rain every year (more than amazon jungle!), the plants receive the blessing and create a unique environment for primeval forest to grow. This wetting environment is also perfect for moss forest which offers mysterious scenery here at Oodaigahara mountain.

Come and trek around the area and you will feel at peace and refreshing…


Photo by Hiroki Sakamoto


Many things to do in Yoshino so make sure to have enough time!