Secret Hot Spring Spots in Nagano

Japan is famous for its hot spring, “onsen”. It is so refreshing and your body will feel rejuvenated after onsen. It is endless to start naming the famous hot spring locations because there are so many around Japan.

With more than 200 hot springs, Nagano is certainly one of the prefectures that is famous for hot spring. Out of those 200 hot springs, here is some hidden spots for those who are more adventurous.

Hike, dig, sweat and you’ll have a perfect time in onsen.


Honzawa Onsen 

Honzawa onsen is the highest outdoor hot spring in Japan, located 2150m high. It is inside the mountain hut of Yatsugatake mountain so hike for 1.5 hours and you’ll be able to enjoy the wild onsen surrounded by bare nature!

Reservation at Yamabikoso is required (+81-90-5446-1205)


Photo by sumiisan



Kiriake Onsen

Do you want to dig your own onsen? Come to Kiriake onsen, grab a shovel and make your own onsen by the river, just for you!

Get it at the perfect temperature by mixing hot spring and water from the river. As your body gets warm, you’ll enjoy the cool breeze from the river.



Photo by pei_monogaga



Hakubayari Onsen

Trek for 4 hours and finally you will be rewarded with a breath taking view from Hakubayari Onsen. Because it is only open during summer, it makes it even more special. Get in the onsen in the morning and you may catch the sunrise between sea of clouds. Get in the onsen at night and you can see beautiful stars looking down on you.

The view is definitely worth 4 hour hike! Get your hiking boots ready for this summer!

Tel: +81-261-72-2002


Photo by tsuda



Maguse Onsen

Maguse onsen offers amazing view of northern alps and variety of views depending on which season you visit. During fall, you’ll see red and yellow leaves surrounding you. Though it is cold in winter time, the white snowy scenery is so beautiful and definitely worth a trip!

Tel: + 81-269-82-4028
Fee: 500 yen
Open: 8:00am-9pm (last registration 8:30pm)
Closed: Wednesday